Elysium: Fuss without Fuzz

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi ELYSIUM features a shrill Jodie Foster and a Matt Damon tricked out like the Eiffel Tower (minus the expensive auberge, starry sky or Chablis). You know going in that it is an action-adventure sci-fi, but even those genre films usually entertain the cine-goer.  In a general audience packing the 42nd Street Regal, there was exactly one laugh in the entire 2-hour CGI mess.  One.  Sorry as that seems, the film didn't deliver on the goods it was created to produce.  Thrills.  The gasp factor.  Believability...nah. In 2154, the Earth is all fetid, overpopulated, and corrupt, policed by jumbo-robotic androids with no sense of humor.  Where Damon lives, as the cameras do a flyover, resembles Detroit with a splash of L.A. smog and Brazilian favela, more or less.  The well-to-do with clean faces and high-tech high-sheen clothes have long since abandoned the wreck of terra and live on a gleaming, greenly landscaped pretzeloid...(Read Full Article)