C'mon Black America, We Can Do So Much Better!

Someone sent me the link to this article, and I could hardly believe what I read.  Folks, this is just too crazy for words.  Forty-year-old Tawana Brawley was recently celebrated, treated as a rock star at a New Jersey fundraiser. This article about people awarding Brawley sainthood is a hoax, right?  C'mon, am I on Candid Camera or being "punked," as they say today? Have the event organizers completely lost their minds?  Are their brains so infected with the putrid pus of racial hatred that they have lost all sense of a moral compass? For those of you unaware, Tawana Brawley committed an evil hoax which sparked a national racial firestorm in 1987. Fearful of being punished for staying out overnight, Brawley, then 15, lied, saying 6 white men, including state officials, kidnapped her, raped her, used charcoal to cover her body with racial epithets, and smeared her with feces. Al Sharpton was the spokesperson for Brawley's family.  Sharpton ran to...(Read Full Article)