Are We Solving the Mystery of Atlantis?

Ancient Greek literature is replete with intimations of lost civilizations, great floods, and slow renewals of human knowledge beginning at some unspecified point in a misty past.  The most famous of these intimations is Plato's legend of Atlantis, a great naval power which was supposedly repelled by an equally great Athens more than nine thousand years before Plato wrote of it, and which then sank into the sea following an earthquake.  Now it seems that we, watching our Western civilization sink, may at last be granted the extraordinary privilege of bearing witness to the concrete truth about which the most daring thinkers of our past could only speculate. Weeks before Rachel Jeantel popularized the issue during the Zimmerman trial, I read the following internet news headline: "Cursive writing facing extinction in face of technology."  The headline itself hints at the problem suggested by the article: the author or an editor has merely tacked two stock metaphors...(Read Full Article)