A Tale of Two Climate HockeySticks

The false "hockeystick" graph with which (in 2001) the UN climate panel claimed that current surface temperatures are "unprecedented" in a millennium is at odds with hundreds of scientific papers and with their own previous position.  There is nothing unusual about today's temperatures; the world was warmer in the Middle Ages.  However, the "hockeystick" graph showing a rapid increase in 20th century CO2 concentration is genuine. The Third Assessment Report (2001) of the UN-sponsored IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) espouses a temperature history over the last thousand years that resembles a 'hockeystick' (HS).  The 'shank' is the smooth decline of temperature from 1000 to 1900AD, followed by an apparent sharp rise in the 20th century (forming the 'blade' of a hockeystick).  IPCC-AR3 promoted this rise as definitive evidence of human influence on climate; emission of carbon dioxide was supposed to cause the 20th century warming.  But this...(Read Full Article)