5 Reasons Why a Constitutional Convention Is a Better Idea than Just Electing More Republicans

Mark Levin's new book The Liberty Amendments proposes that state legislatures use their Article V power to call a convention to propose new constitutional amendments for state ratification. The unorthodox process seems impractical at first -- it's never been used, it's off the mainstream political radar, few people even know it exists, etc. -- but a closer look reveals transformative advantages over the prevailing political strategies of the day. 1. Conservatives' Washington-centric focus has born little fruit. America's news coverage and political mindset revolve around Washington D.C. and, by its nature, Washington D.C. revolves around big government. It is a culture that is embarrassed by constitutionalism, gravitates toward racial, gender, and ethnic politics, and works to convince conservatives to abandon their best ideas and arguments out of political fear. The Potomac is poor ground for a constitutional battle. 2. Money and the establishment make it unlikely to get...(Read Full Article)