WHO's Delusions on North Korea's Health Care System

In 2010, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, praised North Korea's health-care system following her official visit to this totalitarian and rogue nuclear-armed police state. It is of note that Chan has been the Director-General of the WHO since 2006, and her term was recently renewed until the year 2017. The comments made by Chan regarding North Korea are sufficiently irresponsible and uninformed as to necessitate her immediate removal from the WHO. Chan's remarks need to be considered in detail. As quoted in a disturbingly uncritical report on Chan's 2010 North Korea visit by Lisa Schlein of Voice of America (VOA) news, Chan stated that "there is no shortage of doctors and nurses in North Korea. She says the country does not suffer from a so-called brain drain because health professionals do not emigrate." Another source gives the following direct quote to Chan on this issue: "'To give you a couple of examples, DPRK has no lack of doctors and...(Read Full Article)