The Grim Effects of Liberals' Death-Obsession

Question: What do homeless dogs, poor babies, and the infirm elderly have in common?  Answer: Liberals want them all dead. Static analysis, the absence of the virtue of hope, and a failure to realize that joy can exist in suffering are the hallmarks of modern liberalism -- the result of which is an inhuman and arrogant callousness. The American Kennel Club and the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association just issued joint statements condemning PETA's policy of euthanizing animals: "While most shelters strive for a 90% re-homing rate, PETA is apparently proud of their 99% killing rate and callously boasts that the animals it rescues are 'better off dead'. That is an alarming ratio that should be fully investigated. PETA's track record is absolutely unacceptable," said AKC Chairman Alan Kalter. "Legitimate animal shelters in America re-home most of their sheltered animals. If some of Michael Vick's fighting dogs can be rehabilitated and re-homed then PETA can - and should -...(Read Full Article)