The Fiscal Reformer as Spiritual Healer

One of the most familiar New Testament parables tells the story of a man preparing for a long journey, who called in three of his servants to entrust them with some property, each according to his ability. (Matthew 25:14-30) To the first the master loaned five talents, to the next two talents, and to the last just one talent. Upon his return the traveler discovers that the servant with five talents had put them to productive use, doubling the money entrusted to him; and so as a reward, the master promotes him. Because the servant given two talents also doubled his sum, he too is promoted. But the third servant, claiming fear of punishment if he invested unwisely, simply buried his one talent until the master's return. Irritated because he knows this last servant could have at least earned some interest by giving the talent to a banker, the master throws him unceremoniously out of the house and onto the street. For centuries this story has provided an important lesson in personal...(Read Full Article)