The Diversity Shield

In Stalin's Russia some Orthodox monks were imprisoned and ordered to wear prisoners' numbers. They refused. "A child of God does not allow himself to be reduced to a number. Each one is a jewel apart." They were punished, but they would not bend to an untruth. (Richard Wurmbrand, The Overcomers, p. 233) Today, of course, we fervently believe that those monks were wrong; Stalin was right. To give our lives meaning, we must be weighed, sorted, and classified. "Uncategorized" persons are a mystery and send the programming into a perpetual loop. Hence individual students no longer attend universities; "black students" attend, and "white students", and "Asian students". (So determinative are these labels that the students could well forego nametags.) Academics rush to boast how many of each filtered category they recruit. To regard each one an individual jewel, and so therefore totally diverse in themselves, would be considered regressive, narrow minded, and even racially insensitive. We...(Read Full Article)