The Challenge of Racism

Racism is one of a number of "isms" such as egoism, sexism, classism, ethnicism, tribalism, religionism, and so forth that reflect corruption of potentially good human dispositions. Environmental influences such as the person's upbringing, education in the broadest sense of the term, and personal experiences combine to mold these potentialities within each one of us either as positive attributes or negative traits. Egotism, for instance, is the flip side of reasonable and justifiable self-confidence. While the former is a negative quality, the latter is a virtue. Right at the start, it is important to realize that both terms "race" and "racism" are social designations with no factual bases. Genetically, humanity is from one common gene pool. Science has established that genetic variation within even the most distinctly homogenous isolated "race" is greater than that found across different races. Hence, there is only one race of humanity, irrespective of differences in certain physical...(Read Full Article)