The Apostasy of the Black Church

Let me tell you the story of three churches. In China, the church exists under persecution. ChinaAid's report for 2012 tallied an increase in the "number of arrest(s), sentencing to labor camps, short term detentions, rape and torture in police custody, destruction and confiscation of property, beatings, fines, the loss of jobs or business licenses, and police intimidation." Similar accounts may be found in almost any depiction of the modern Chinese church. For example, see here or here. And yet the church is not discouraged. It runs seminaries (in which students are taught subjects not covered in Western classes -- such as, what to say to the police when they are taking you in the back of a van to the execution ground). It is poor; but it dispatches missionaries even to neighboring countries. These missionaries understand the hostility they will encounter in places with different religious systems; they openly expect to be killed. But they go anyway. When asked, but don't you...(Read Full Article)