Please, Let's Have that Honest Conversation about Race

So let's have that honest discussion about race that people keep clamoring for. Someone please explain the brainwashing of a 5th-grade African-American girl who, when she was introduced to  Duke Ellington's music, said, "I don't wanna hear no white man's music."  She was merely echoing the implacable hatred that she learned at home.  Any way that the teacher responded would only reinforce this young child's racist predisposition. Why in a New York City high school of 5,600 students, with 36 white students, was there only one black honor student?  While many of these students were not planning on going onto college and many did succeed in vocational jobs, it puzzled the white students that there were such disproportionate numbers among the black and Hispanic students.  What is one to make of the "don't talk white" attitude?  It demeans those black students who aspire to a good education.  And the difference between "nigger" and "nigga" is...(Read Full Article)