Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for President

The left, especially the unruly mob of feminists, seems likely to rally around Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for the Democrat nomination for president in 2016.  She has certainly earned that right.  Her first major life success was being married to the Democrat nominee for Congress in 1994, and her husband also defeated Congressman Hammerschmidt.  Then she was the loyal wife of the attorney general of Arkansas.  After that, she was the faithful wife of the governor of Arkansas for four terms, and Mrs. Clinton stood by her husband when he lost his bid for re-election as governor in strongly Democrat Arkansas in the 1982 election. As the wife of President William Jefferson Clinton, she served a sacrificial wifely role as cannon fodder for an ill-fated comprehensive health care reform bill.  Then, in the best tradition of country music, Frau Clinton performed the duty to "Stand by Your Man" even when those who believed in protecting women from creepy male...(Read Full Article)