Moral Extortion and Blackmail Rhetoric

The Democratic Party has achieved and maintained power through a clever abuse of Western ethics. The strategy can be seen through a discussion of two types of manipulation: moral extortion and moral blackmail. Moral extortion is the technique of creating guilt in a person by saying, "if you allow this to happen you will have it on your conscience." So when Democrats say you must vote for them or the poor will starve, conscientious voters will think, "well I must vote for them I certainly cannot live with myself if I allow people to starve." Whether this is true or not, whether it reflects reality or not, doesn't matter. It is a very clever way to place the decision to vote within a person's own mind; to make them punish themselves for not voting for Democrats. Gone are the days when threats can be made against voters. The modern political campaign is far too sophisticated for that. Moral blackmail is a cruder technique that is related to moral extortion, but has a different spin....(Read Full Article)