Marin GOP: Tilting at Windmills

I always thought Republicans were sensible until the Marin Republican Central Committee ("MRCC") in Northern California issued a press release on July 26th boasting that it is "the first official Republican Central Committee... to endorse same-sex marriage." One has to wonder: is this feckless capitulation to the progressive agenda a preview of things to come? The Chairman of the MRCC told me that, while he respected other feelings on this issue, "As the Marin GOP is in the business of getting Republicans elected (or should be) we went with what the numbers tell us." In his email to conservative leaders, the Chairman said the decision was arrived at "through a purely quantitative analysis" and "if we did not make a statement on this issue, we would continue to be shunned by at least 75% of the voters and the Marin Republican Party had little to no chance for growth." I guess the pressure of being shunned at cocktail parties and on voting day -- coupled with Supreme Court Justice...(Read Full Article)