Irrational Animal

The progressive outcry and mob intimidation (a distinction without a difference) in the wake of the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict serves to demonstrate in microcosm the single most disastrous cumulative effect of contemporary psychology, public education, and popular entertainment: the denial of our rational faculty. Throughout most of Western history, reason has occupied an exalted place among human powers -- for good reason. Without it, civil society would be impossible, as modern man is in the process of proving definitively. It is the moderating faculty, the buffer between the ever-changing feelings to which we are susceptible and the physical responses to stimuli of which we are capable. It distinguishes us from the beasts -- or if you prefer the more contemporary vernacular, from machines. If "stimulus and response" is all we are, then our reactions cannot be helped, and entire categories of human existence -- responsibility, guilt, dignity, self-control, endurance, grace...(Read Full Article)