How Do We Fix Race Relations?

Many serious Americans are distressed by what they see going presently regarding matters of race. They are perplexed by the obvious anger and hatred directed by some against others, including examples of random people being beaten in various places following the Zimmerman verdict, "for Trayvon". They see entertainers boycott an entire state because of what the entertainers absurdly claim is racism, the result of a verdict in a grossly manipulated case in which the black "victim" purposefully initiated a beating on the "cracka" who then shot him. The jury wasn't fooled. The system worked, even if the malcontents did not get the result their prejudices demanded. These tens of millions of serious Americans live good, decent, non-racist lives. They have been willing participants in the social reformation of our country, from what it was up to the 1960's, to what it is now. They embraced the message of Dr. King, and happily placed content of character over skin color, not because it would...(Read Full Article)