GOP's Outreach Blues

All the wise heads are telling the GOP that it needs to reach out: to Hispanics, to blacks.  Last week it was Michael Medved's turn to deliver avuncular reach-out advice. And then there are the missing white voters of 2012.  Sean Trende has a nice little chart on them here (scroll to the bottom).  Who were these missing white voters?  They were not "the Republican base or evangelicals (who constituted a larger share of the electorate than they did in 2004)."  No, they were voters last seen in 1992, according to Trende. For those with long memories, this stands out as the heart of the "Perot coalition." That coalition was strongest with secular, blue-collar, often rural voters who were turned off by Bill Clinton's perceived liberalism and George H.W. Bush's elitism. The problem is that the missing white voters didn't like Mitt Romney's "creative destruction" resume either.  How about reaching out to them? The Republican Party has never had a clue...(Read Full Article)