The FBI Caves to Politically Correct Muslim Propaganda

KIRO Television in Seattle ran a story on how a tiny clique has once again pushed truth off the train and replaced it with a smoke and mirrors. Jeff Siddiqui of American Muslims of Puget Sound first blames the American government then stereotypes the American people as possible perpetrators of future bigotry, all the while painting terrorists and Islamists in the community as the ultimate victims of the FBI campaign to identify and capture these evil men. What did this violation of civil rights that so exercised Siddiqui and his group consist of? An advertising campaign featuring the names and faces of known Jihadi terrorists. In response to Siddiqui and his organization (among many others), the FBI backed down. Why? There was nothing about the campaign objectionable to a rational person. Asking the American public to help identify for capture the most evil among us is just sound civic responsibility. The postings of America's Most Wanted in the Post Office has been...(Read Full Article)