Empress Hillary, 2016

Hillary has already ordered the diamond tiara and gold scepter for her 2016 coronation, and a whole village of enslaved Chinese orphans is weaving her red carpet right now. Sooner than you can say "Obama who?" Hillary will ascend to her rightful position of World Empress. The optics will dazzle us. Adorned in a floor length cape made from the dead cats of Bill's mistresses, she will bless us all from her 20-foot- platinum throne, gifted by our dear friends in Saudi Arabia. True, she'll be a bit long in the tooth, but a federal edict, upheld by the Supreme Court, will force us all to wear Google Glass.  Hillary's face, devised by Hollywood courtiers, will appear as a clever blend of her own features, circa 1983, and Scarlett Johansson's.  A subtle halo will hover at all times. Do you find this vision objectionable? Fear not, for Empress Hillary will care for us with the tender ministrations she lavished on the abandoned, slaughtered Americans in Benghazi. And should you find...(Read Full Article)