Elements of Mideast Style

The Mideast has raised linguistic dishonesty to new levels. I daily watch videos and read articles where language is contorted and twisted until what is said has absolutely no meaning. If for no other reason than sheer honesty, we should agree on some terms. The first dishonest term is: "The Peace Process." It is anything but. Arafat called Oslo a hudna, a temporary truce at best. Muslims regularly violate such truces, as did the Palestinians, as the opportunity presented itself. From now on, it should be referred to as: "The Peace Facade." There is no peace. There is no process. There is only a facade, because no one wants to admit Oslo is dead. "The Peace Facade" is the preferred term. "The Peace Process" should be avoided. The next term to go is: "the West Bank." This is term was never used until after Jordan annexed the area in 1949; and was meant to positionally refer to its location west of Jordan. Historically, it was called "Judea and Samaria;" and since...(Read Full Article)