Destroying the American Brand

The cumulative negative effect of the Obama administration's methods, actions, and ideology on the perception of the United States, both at home and abroad, becomes especially vivid when viewed in the context of a business analogy. And no business can survive the purposeful destruction of its brand.  In business, no corporate asset is more valued than the brand.  At its heart, the brand is a promise; it represents customers' collective expectations of the firm's products and services.  It is built over years and can be destroyed in an instant.  A qualitative example of brand value can be found in a 2009 study that placed the value of the Coca-Cola brand at $68.73 billion. The American brand consists of multiple attributes which include personal liberty, equality of all citizens before the law, economic opportunity, strength in defending our values, a culture founded on historic Judeo-Christian principles, and integrity in dealing with our allies...(Read Full Article)