Creep Me Out: Chinese is the 'New Nigga'?

I confess to being a very confused creepy ass cracka, trying desperately to go New School, as recently elucidated by Rachel Jeantel: Nigga....the whole world say it's a racist word. ...around 2000, 2001 - they change it around. That means a male....any kind of male.  Any kind, (even) Chino...but (say) nig-grrrrrrr - (and I) advise you not to be around black people, because they not gonna have it like that.  - Rachel Jeantel on CNN, July 2013.   Stoney gave bootleg haircuts for 25 cent.....he put a bowl on your head, and he cut around it...made all the niggas look Chinese...that way they could get a job on the railroad. They wouldn't hire no niggas see. Niggas want real money.  Chinese work for that yang money see...niggas didn't want that sh_t see"  - Richard Pryor as Mudbone in Miss Rudolph and the Monkey, circa 1978 Frankly, I'm not sure how to reconcile these two very disparate views on African-American relationships with...(Read Full Article)