Citizens United: The IRS Scandal's Smoking Gun?

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission did not cause the IRS scandal. And when the Democrats say it did, conservatives should turn their weapon against them with a vengeance. That can be done to great effect because although Citizens United did not cause the IRS scandal, it certainly foretold it. In early 2010 the Supreme Court infuriated Obama by declaring the McCain-Feingold ban on independent corporate campaign spending unconstitutional, effectively disarming the Federal Election Commission as a potential political weapon. In justifying its decision, the court described with sobering precision the mechanics of subverting a regulatory agency for the purpose of suppressing political speech. And unfortunately for Obama and the Democrats, the IRS targeting is exactly the kind of abuse Citizens United warned against: a politicized regulatory bureaucracy using selective enforcement and the threat of litigation to advance the partisan agenda of a corrupt, irresponsible, or...(Read Full Article)