Can't New York Do Better?

New York is a remarkable state, and New York City is simply one of the greatest cities in the world.  The food, the theaters, the buildings, the businesses, the many cultures represented are all extraordinary.  It is a city of excellence.  It is no wonder New York City is the nation's most populated city, with over eight million people.  The state's entire population reaches almost 20 million. It is because of these facts that the entire nation reads with disbelief the news of Anthony Weiner taking the lead in some polls on his run to be mayor of New York City. It is not really surprising that Weiner is running; we know for a fact that he has no shame.  But for so many to find him an acceptable candidate is really appalling.  Is that really the best New York City has to offer?  Weiner?  Really?  Out of the eight million-plus who live there? I know the media loves to make fun, especially with the double entendres they can use for...(Read Full Article)