Black Politicians Mostly to Blame for Detroit's Demise

Idea for a sitcom: A cultured, big-city lawyer -- let's call him Oliver Wendell Jackson -- gets a hankering to pursue his childhood dream of farming. He snatches up his reluctant but glamorous Nigerian-born wife, LakaLisa, sells his luxury penthouse in the heart of downtown Detroit for millions, and journeys a block and a half away to a ramshackle farmhouse.  Sure, there're some neglected pavement to plow over and a crack-whore or two who hadn't yet got the Detroit-is-toast memo, but for the most part, there's nothing but emptiness for as far as our protagonist's eyes can see. Over the course of the show, Oliver encounters an eclectic mix of rural rubes, including a shyster salesman, a dimwitted farmhand, a scatterbrained county agent, and a high school-educated pig that understands English and enjoys watching television.  Each week, as Oliver stands outside, surveying the miles of deluded Detroit farmland, with lungs full of air unsullied by even the least bit of...(Read Full Article)