Abortion: In a Class of its Own

At the age of 21, I had an abortion. Although my boyfriend and I used birth control throughout our three-year relationship, it failed (the relationship and the birth control). I knew that none of the birth control methods we used were 100% guaranteed. Perhaps I had in the back of my mind that should "something" happen I would have an abortion. Or perhaps I was living in the omnipotent state characteristic of youth, figuring "it" would never happen to me.   When "it" happened and I became pregnant I was shocked. I vaguely considered carrying the baby to term, but quickly refocused myself toward abortion. Any appreciation I had for the serious implications of having an abortion were trumped by my desire for life to go according to plan. (My life, that is.) It was not convenient to be pregnant. A baby would throw things off course. And that couldn't be. So I spent a day or so mulling things over, immersed in my emotions over the unpleasant ordeal and the disturbing feeling of...(Read Full Article)