A Race-Hustler Form of Justice

Watching the George Zimmerman trial, I'm reminded of how inexperienced the general public is when it comes to violent, and especially life-threatening, situations.  In the Zimmerman case, it appears obvious that he was following Trayvon Martin because the young man was walking around a burglary-prone area at night during a light rain. Now, try to imagine that you are Mr. Zimmerman, and you're suddenly attacked by a suspicious-looking character, who breaks your nose with one punch before he viciously assaults you as you lie bleeding.  You're screaming for help, but no one responds.  Afraid that you might pass out and the assailant will kill you, self-preservation takes over, and you reach for your gun and use it. How many people would have done otherwise?  This is a classic example of self-defense, and if the skin colors of the participants were reversed, we would not be seeing this sham of a trial.   Having been in similar circumstances numerous times...(Read Full Article)