A Follow-Up File is Needed

When Barack Obama was running for resident, we were told by his coterie of flaks, sycophants, spinners, and devout acolytes that he represented the ultimate intellectual strength that could be packed into a single human being. Like the Wizard of Oz, he knew all, he saw all, he could do all. Remember when we were told that he knew more about policy than his policy advisors, more about... well everything, and knew it better than anyone else? Although Barack Obama disdains all things military, he does emulate one aspect of the armed forces of this nation to a fare-thee-well. He is the human embodiment of a "fire-and-forget" missile. He divines a problem, announces in soaring rhetoric that it will be solved (without adding a single dime to the deficit) and then apparently forgets all about it. He informally delegates everything to his subordinates, even though by his own estimation, they know far less than he does about whatever the issue-du-jour happens to be, and then emulates Pontius...(Read Full Article)