What the IRS Has Become

The IRS has hypocritically ignored the Constitution, having targeted groups whose names included what America once stood for: patriotism, freedom, and the Constitution.  This will be emphasized on June 20, when Judicial Watch, the people's watchdog over the government, holds a public panel discussion with some of those who were victimized.  American Thinker interviewed Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch's president, and some of those who were harassed and abused by the IRS. Fitton is not surprised by the Obama administration's actions and regards them as a continual Democratic tactic.  He told American Thinker how, during the entire Clinton presidency, his group was targeted via numerous audits.  He sees this latest scandal as déjà vu, since conservative groups "were put in a box by the IRS and could not do the actions they planned on doing because their activities were curtailed significantly.  This is a scandal for the ages.  We all saw in the last few...(Read Full Article)