Time to Get Some Perspective on Israel

Syria spirals out of control.  Iran marches toward nuclear Islamageddon.  So, naturally, Secretary of State  John Kerry schedules yet another trip to "solve" the region's relatively stable, if not ideal, Israel-Palestinian dispute.  Like so many in foreign policy circles, Kerry and the Obama administration know -- absolutely know -- the key to peace in Israel's neighborhood: Israel's withdrawal, with perhaps minor adjustments, from all West Bank territory conquered in 1967.   Yet history indicates that withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines, absent major changes, is arguably the single most counterproductive act imaginable for long-lasting peace.  There is no greater obstacle to peace than the perpetual temptation to launch another war against Israel from such lopsided lines.  What is so sacred about the pre-1967 lines, anyway?  In 1967, there was neither peace nor an independent Palestinian entity.  Similar lines were part of the 1947...(Read Full Article)