The Two Faces of Islam

Muslims kill and persecute non-Muslims on a massive and systematic scale in Muslim countries. Yet in the U.S. many Muslims take part in ecumenism and talk of 'tolerance' and whatnot. But what if it's all one big deceit on their part? What if U.S. and European Muslims only talk about 'mutual respect' and practice ecumenism because they are a minority? What if they say these things, and practice ecumenism, simply to advance and/or protect Muslims and Islam itself. What if they also use interfaith as a simple means of Islamic dawah (proselytizing)? What I say isn't simple conspiracy theory because many Muslims have more or less admitted this. They have talked about never turning down an opportunity (at interfaith meetings and events) to tell non-Muslims how superior Islam is. If all this is indeed the case, then that vast difference and dissonance between how Muslims (on the whole) behave in the West and how Muslims behave in Muslim/Islamic countries will make sense. Moreover,...(Read Full Article)