The Real Threat from Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Greg Gutfeld, cohost of The Five and resident wit at Fox News, thinks that the scandals swirling around D.C. right now are so bad that Congress should be grounded for a year.  That's right -- no new laws, no initiatives, no nothin' until Congress straightens out what they've already screwed up.  This is a brilliant idea, because after the monster laws shoved down the throats of unwilling Americans for the last five years, America needs a breather.  And this is especially the case with the comprehensive immigration reform bill currently being considered by "the world's [feeblest] deliberative body," the U.S. Senate. We should be leery about anything "comprehensive."  But supporters of the Senate bill assure us that there will be all manner of safeguards in it and that there will be certain triggers that must be met before the millions of illegal aliens already here can be made citizens.  If you believe that, then read this recent editorial at National Review....(Read Full Article)