The Great Border Distraction

Like the cavalry riding to the rescue, the Corker-Hoeven 1192 page amendment is purportedly the "magic bullet" to salvage the Rubio-Schumer amnesty bill (S 744). The unstated objective is to make border security the focal point of the bill and the sole criterion on which to judge its viability. The premise is that if you can fix the border security problem then the rest of the bill can go sailing through with 70 or more votes from the Senate. It is a cynical, dishonest, orchestrated distraction by both parties to divert attention from what they really want to achieve with this bill. Despite being a pork-filled, flawed amendment that does little to enhance border security, Republican senators are jumping on the amnesty bandwagon as they now have the perceived political cover to vote for the "fixed" bill. Even if the border were hermetically sealed, there are other elements in this bill that are far more destructive and damaging to this nation than a porous border. Both parties have...(Read Full Article)