The Collectivist Government Surveillance Paradigm

At CNN, a Mr. Glenn Sulmasy has posted an article entitled "Why we need government surveillance." This article uses Sulmasy's views as a springboard, but what I have to say applies just as well to what any other government surveillance statist says.  I am going to show you, very briefly, why the government surveillance paradigm as articulated by those who think like Sulmasy is collectivist. The demonstration proceeds by first presenting Sulmasy's reasoning, alongside which a few observations are offered.  Then, a hypothetical is discussed that exposes the collectivist nature of the government surveillance position. Here is Sulmasy: The current threat by al Qaeda and jihadists is one that requires aggressive intelligence collection and efforts. One has to look no further than the disruption of the New York City subway bombers (the one being touted by DNI Clapper) or the Boston Marathon bombers to know that the war on al Qaeda is coming home to us, to our citizens,...(Read Full Article)