The Bright Side of Amnesty

Saying there's a bright side to amnesty may seem much like talk of the advantages of malignant cancer. But this won't be a pie-in-the-sky article about the "economic benefits" of new workers, expanding the tax base or the wonders of "diversity." There is no Ayotte-Rubio flip-flop here; in fact, for those who don't know me, I've long called for a halt to even legal immigration. And understanding why is necessary to put amnesty's "bright side" in perspective.   It is an inconvenient and ignored truth that the main problems posed by illegal migration are essentially the same problems of legal immigration. Are you concerned about an influx of low-skilled workers driving down wages and competing with native Americans? Legal immigration also floods the nation with low-skilled workers. Do you worry that amnesty will grow Democrat voter rolls? A vast majority of legal immigrants also vote Democrat. Most significantly, do you fret that millions of unassimilable foreigners with values...(Read Full Article)