Modern Sophists, Ancient Trade

As the scandals surrounding the Obama administration continue to brew and spread, certain apologists for the president are once again accusing Obama's critics of indulging in conspiracy mongering in order to torpedo Obama's presidency. The president's accusers, for their part, claim that the facts back up their suspicions of foul play with regard to Obama's goals, activities, and his disdain for the Constitution. Such a charge against a president is a serious matter. Are these critics of Obama justified in their suspicions, or are they suffering from some type of delusion? The dilemma of distinguishing opinion, including opinion leading to delusion or false suspicion, from reality has its roots in the ancient Greek metaphysical debate concerning the existence of a fixed independent reality versus a changing or relative reality based upon individual sensory perception. Are there fixed truths by which human virtue and events can be defined, judged and fully understood in a way...(Read Full Article)