Leftus Ignoramus

Mary Landrieu last Thursday showed what would be, for many of us, appalling ignorance.  Debating against the need to build a fence to keep out illegal immigrants -- a proposal which Landrieu had earlier supported -- the Louisiana senator said to Senator Thune from South Dakota: A smart fence which is what Senator McCain and I want to build -- since he's from Arizona, I think he knows more about this than the Senator from South Dakota, who only has a border with Canada that is quite different. Consider just how profoundly ignorant that was for any grownup, to say nothing of a senator who chairs the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee.  South Dakota has no border with Canada.  Perhaps a state which was north of South Dakota might have such a border.   Let's see.  What state might that be?  How about North Dakota?  Curiously, almost exactly three years ago, another elected Democrat, Peggy West of the Milwaukee County Board of...(Read Full Article)