Israel labeled 'apartheid' state for offering veterans benefits

Those who read Haaretz, which seems like a Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, get to begin each morning with a dose du jour of far left propaganda. Haaretz these days makes no attempt to disguise its contempt for Israel, nor its indifference to the risk of Israel's extermination.  And as part of its jihad against Zionism and survival, Haaretz is leading the campaign to label Israel an apartheid regime. Take the June 18, 2013 editorial, which you can read here, entitled "Another brick in Israel's apartheid wall." If you have the stomach to wade through it, you will discover that Haaretz considers Israel to be an apartheid regime because a new bill in the Knesset is proposing improving veterans' benefits for Israelis who have served in the military.  This is all part of the general jihad of the Far Left to label as "racist" any benefits granted to veterans in Israel.  The far-leftist "think tank" calling itself the "Israel Democracy Institute" is also part of...(Read Full Article)