Grand Old Propaganda

Let's say your daughter comes home after the first day of high school and reports that her science teacher asked the class what they knew about the solar system. Several outspoken students believed the sun revolves around the earth, so the teacher apologized to the class for the assigned textbook which taught otherwise, and he promised the class a healthy debate on the subject. Wouldn't you get on the phone immediately to the school and complain? The low-information student, as yet uneducated and impressionable, does not determine the curricula, but is there to learn. Misinformation is the adult's duty to correct. Yet today's GOP has a similar approach. The "shoot-themselves-in-the-foot" party is stalking the irresistible "youth voter," or what purportedly has been learned about this elusive prototype. The College Republican National Committee commissioned surveys of young adults, 18 to 29, and issued a report which advises the party to radically alter not just its media tactics and...(Read Full Article)