Global Zero: Naive, Dangerous, and Provocative

The Global Zero movement is a multinational effort "to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2030." This movement is surprisingly naive and dangerous, and could result in World War III by the mid-21st century. It is shocking to see the number and stature of the civilian and military leaders that have signed onto this movement. Given that such a movement advocates for one of the most ambitious and far-reaching geopolitical and military objectives in human history, one would expect the movement to present a very detailed, well-supported, and intellectually rigorous rationalization of the plan to eliminate nuclear weapons, and how such an elimination of nuclear weapons would be a net positive benefit for humans. Instead, we find online an 11-page document with the title "Global Zero Action Plan" that contains only 8 pages of text and little -- if any -- detailed analysis (beyond what appear to be entirely arbitrary timelines and nuclear stockpile targets). The knowledge base for constructing...(Read Full Article)