Endorsing the NSA

The recent outcry about the NSA surveillance programs involving phone records and the Prism is getting out of hand. This scandal came to the forefront when Edward Snowden, a contractor to the NSA, leaked a series of documents about these surveillance programs. American Thinker interviewed the former director of the CIA, Michael Hayden to ask him to explain the programs. What is very interesting is that those who are strongly speaking out in favor: Vice-President Cheney, Mike Rogers, Michael Hayden, and even Michelle Bachmann are, or have been, intricately involved with these programs. They point out that there are reasons for secrecy regarding intelligence operations, that the War on Terror is far from over, and that these programs did in fact prevent terrorist attacks. Bachmann said on the Neil Cavuto show, "The NSA was fastidious about following the law. There's not one example that came out of any intentional violation of any kind from the law. I think what we saw today pretty...(Read Full Article)