Witch-Hunting Returns to Massachusetts

By all accounts, today's college campuses grow more intolerant by the day.  We move closer to the old Soviet Empire, where political dissidents risked the gulag for even joking about Marxism.  In the U.S., however, the hate crimes concern anything that touches on race, ethnicity, gender differences, diversity, and sexuality (see here and here).  Even an old-fashioned ethnic joke almost guarantees mandatory counseling. Skeptics need only look at the pervasiveness of campus speech codes, coerced sensitivity training, the mandatory injection of multicultural propaganda into courses, and other top-down censorship.  Even an exposed hate crime hoax has become a "teachable moment."  None of this existed when I began college in 1959. Nevertheless, just when you thought that imposing the PC orthodoxy could not get any worse, it does.  The latest example concerns the firing of Jason Richwine from the Heritage Foundation.  Richwine's heresies can be found...(Read Full Article)