Will the Last Religious Politician Please Turn Out the Lights?

If at one time being a member of a church was almost a requirement for anyone running for office, that time has long since passed. These days, portraying a candidate as a "fine, upstanding Christian" is enough to send any potential office seeker to the political graveyard. Due to constant stereotyping by liberals, such a description now conjures an image that is a combination of Boss Hogg, Huey Long, and Elmer Gantry. The result, among others, is that the openly Christian candidate is out of favor with the political establishment here and abroad. Across the pond in England, antagonism toward those who are churched and who openly express their religious beliefs has long prevailed. According to "Erasmus" a columnist for The Economist, Margaret Thatcher may well have been the "last British prime minister openly and emphatically to acknowledge the influence of Christianity on her thinking, in particular terms not fuzzy ones. [...] In her religious origins, she was informed by a passion...(Read Full Article)