Two Modern-Day Deborahs Fight Anti-Semitism

Deborah (Dvora) is the only woman judge mentioned in the Bible. She embodies the fighting women of the ancient world, warrior women who became victorious despite great odds and the initial reluctance of their men to go into battle. Deborah delivered the ancient Israelites from the oppression of the Canaanites. She aroused the Israelites from their long suffering and mobilized them by the thousands. But not all! The Song of Deborah rebukes three tribes who stood by while Deborah's forces went into battle against a fearsome and mechanized army. The glory of ridding the land of the oppressor belonged, however, to two women. Deborah mobilized her people to overcome their fear, but it was Jael, who ultimately fulfilled Deborah's own prophecy of ridding the land of the dreaded Assyrian general Sisera, who led the Canaanites, by killing him. From time immemorial, Israel has been saved by the valor of her women. So too, now, two women have bravely stepped into this tradition, filling a void...(Read Full Article)