Townhall Magazine Out of Touch with Everyday Moms

Many GOP establishment party activists have pointed out that Obama has waged war on moms, apple pie, and our American way of life.  So why are we fighting the liberals' underdog narrative with decidedly non-underdog women on the cover of Townhall? I sighted an online promo for the latest Townhall Magazine cover story: "Defending Mom," out just in time for Mother's Day.  It features nine women the author deems "world class ambassadors of conservative principles."  There's a governor, a reality TV star, a wife of a presidential candidate, a philanthropist, and a publisher's daughter, to name a few.  The author, Elisabeth Meinecke, states, "As conservatives, we know these women as leaders in our communities, heroines in our culture, and most likely veterans of epic battles on topics ranging from curfews to cash." If, as the promo writer declares, "conservatives believe Motherhood is as empowering as any top job at a Fortune 500 company," then prove it.  Why...(Read Full Article)