The Whole Package: Military Families as Heroes

Alison Buckholtz's book, Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War, is a very powerful reminder that the families of those serving are also heroes. Americans need to understand the trials and tribulations of being a military family.  Through numerous interviews American Thinker has reached the realization that military families all have distinct differences and unique perspectives.  AT wants to thank all those who participated or were willing to participate. Those interviewed wanted to make sure that Americans understand that military children are spectacular.  They are described by their parents as adaptable, independent, resilient, and maintaining a strong sense of patriotism.  Through their experiences they are able to view different cultures and values.  Yet as Sam, a "Mr. Mom," told American Thinker, "all the people serving in the military volunteer, but their children are drafted.  They have no choice in this matter...(Read Full Article)