The Spending Cuts that Never Were

So the sequester has threatened public safety? What about thosee cuts in air traffic control? In truth, the Federal budget increased by 107% since 1996 for air traffic controllers within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) even though domestic passenger flights decreased by 27% since 2000. Even after the automatic budget "sequester," air traffic controllers are handling only 73% of the traffic while running on a budget more than twice as large. These shocking facts are being exposed by freshman Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA). Do Washington politicians think we are stupid? There are no cuts in Federal spending. Yet big-government politicians and advocates continually beat the drum about (nonexistent) budget cuts. Are big-spenders playing a "long con?" Everyone saw clothes that didn't exist in the fable "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen. Everyone was afraid to admit they didn't see any clothes because they wanted to fit in with the crowd and not appear...(Read Full Article)