The She-Pope of Carnegie Mellon

The war against the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality has a new heroine. Move over, Sandra Fluke. In the run-up to the 2012 election, the Georgetown Law School grad Fluke brought honor to the Democratic Party by exposing an archaic patriarchal religious institution and highlighting the need for unlimited free birth control for every college girl in America.  In liberal circles there were none braver or more committed to the contraceptive cause than Sandra Kay Fluke. In the eyes of many Democrats, this was a woman one votive shy of being officially canonized as the patron saint of free birth control. For a time Sandra Fluke remained the titular head of the contraceptive crusade.  That was until the Carnegie Mellon University art parade, where a nameless woman silently conveyed a message about condoms, Catholics, and freedom of creative expression in a way that far over-shadowed even the best efforts of Sandra Fluke. Surely with Sandra's heroism as her...(Read Full Article)