The Schizophrenic's Recitation

Fourteen centuries past, in a cramped 12 x 5 foot cave known as Hira on a mountain called Jabar-al-Nour on the outskirts of Mecca, it is said that a young illiterate orphan prone to epileptic fits from his youth beheld an angel named Gabril hovering over his paralyzed body. It was here that the young man received the beginnings of the "recitation:" the Qur'an. From the culled-together testimonies of his life, or Hadiths, we learn from his faithful that Mohammad was a large man with pronounced hands and features and was given to possess a strong bodily smell and often profuse sweating -- even in the cold. As a boy, he had once fallen into a catatonic state while playing. Afterwards, he reported to others that in his dream state, jinn were pulling objects from his insides. Many years later, after fleeing terrified from the aforementioned Cave of Recitation, Mohammad sought to fling himself from the mountain before he was "restrained" by the angel and told of his mission. Unable to...(Read Full Article)